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Dermaceutic Oxybiome Cleansing Micellar Water 100ml

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This cleansing micellar water effectively removes make-up and purifies the skin . It protects against the effects of pollution and helps rebalance the natural skin microbiota thanks to a synergy of active ingredients.

* Microbiota Regulator: Blend of natural components that provides a variety of nutrients to reduce redness, blemishes and inflammation of the skin by supporting the skin microbiota .

* Zinc gluconate: Sebum-regulating and smoothing agent that reduces the appearance of large pores and accelerates healing . Recognized for its antiseptic properties, zinc is beneficial for acne-prone skin.

* Niacinamide: Soothing and anti-seborrheic active, known as vitamin B3 or vitamin PP, which helps improve the appearance of acne-prone skin , oil production and redness.

For daily cleansing. All skin types, ideal for imperfections and redness.

Fragrance free


• Skin is clean and soothed

• Skin is purified

• Skin microbiota is supported for healthy skin


Apply to the face and eyes with a cotton pad in the morning and evening on dry skin. Do not rinse.

Discover the perfect dual protocol to support your skin’s microbiota

Step 1: Purify your skin with Oxybiome Micellar Water, our daily cleanser that effectively removes make-up and purifies the skin.

- Redness is reduced

- Skin is clean and soothed

- Skin is purified

- Cutaneous flora is supported for healthy skin

- Skin benefits from anti-pollution effect

Step 2: Stimulate your skin with Actibiome the night cream that effectively reduces pore clogging, skin imperfections and redness.

- Skin imperfections and redness are visibly reduced

- Pores are tightened and skin is smoothed

- Skin microbiota is supported for clear and healthy skin