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In the US, the FDA defines dietary supplements as “a product intended to supplement the diet.” These products contain ingredients — vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals, protein isolates— among others. Dietary supplements can come in a variety of forms some of which include foods (like energy bars), drinks, powders, capsules, and tablets.

At CITYWELLNESS MALAYSIA we have curated the most superb selections of vitamins & minerals that consists of:


• Brain & Cells Bosster - Omega Fatty Acids x 30's caps

• Complete Multivitamin & Micronutrients x 60's caps

• Vitamian D3 + K2 10,000 iu x 30's caps

• CoQ10 Ubiquinol Energy Heart & Body x 30's caps


• Supplements can help “fill in the gaps” if and when certain vitamins and/or minerals are lacking from one’s diet.

• Supplements can be used to address or prevent a medically diagnosed nutrient deficiency.

The Bottom Line:

Generally, supplements are not needed if your diet is well-planned and consists of a variety of plant-based and/or animal-based whole foods. Poorly planned, calorically restrictive, and nutrient poor diets risk deficiencies that diminish health and ultimately performance. Furthermore, taking mega doses of one vitamin or mineral can result in a deficiency of another, simply because the two literally compete for absorption. Before starting any new supplement, ask a medical professional, such as a licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for advice.